Pai-Da Therapy Detox

Bahasa Indonesia

Pai: Patting
Da: Slapping

Pai-Da: A Chinese Medical method which utilize patting and slapping of external skin areas to draw out and eliminate poisonous waste in body and restore health by facilitating the smooth flow of Qi throughout the meridians.

Sha: poisonous blood

The principles of Pai-Da

Pai-Da = Elimination of toxicant = Elimination of the poisonous waste in body
Skin is closely related to the meridians, our limbs, five viscera, six entrails and nine apertures (including the eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, urethra and anus).

Pai-Da will launch one’s faith and mental forces, and will stimulate relevant meridians to dredge the Qi. The running Qi will in turn bring out the running of blood. The unobstructed meridians could cure diseases.

The patted and slapped parts on the body will automatically gather Qi and blood, and then accelerate the circulation. As sweepers, the intensified Qi could scan the body and dredge the obstructed meridians. As a result, the body waste, illnesses and even tumors will be cleared.

Viewing from the perspective of the western medicine, Pai-Da is a positive-breaking therapy which will stimulate the central nervous system. Therefore, the inner body systems could be activated and help repair the damaged parts, and finally improve the immunity function of human body.

How to tell the health situation from the color of the sha?

Sha, i.e. poisonous blood, is the colorful thing on the skin after Pai-Da. If you Pai-Da the healthy parts of the body with the same amount of force, there won’t be Sha; otherwise the unhealthy body will show symptoms on the skin after Pai-Da.

Sha reflects the illness of the body; otherwise the skin won’t have Sha appearing after Pai-Da. More Sha means more serious of the disease.

The darker the color of the Sha, the more poison, coldness, heat and other pathogenic factors are in the body.

Ruby: healthy; normal
Red: wind-heat; usually can be found with the sub-health group
Purple red: stasis-heat and it is prone to feel pain???
Cyan: phlegm-dampness and it is prone to feel tired
Purple black: stasis; shows the patient suffers from a large accumulation of body endotoxin and microcirculatory disturbance
Black: shows the patient suffers from chronic disease and has been taking medication for a long time.

According to the position of the Sha, one can tell the illness or the potential illness of the corresponding organs and the Sha itself also shows the body has started the reduction body endotoxin and the treatment.

The Sha will come out within a minute after the Pai-Da with those who suffer from clogging blood circulation and their Sha comes faster and the color of the Sha is darker than usual.

Some people will have red Sha first and if keep Pai-Da the color will turn dark purple or even dark masses. Some people won’t have Sha until several times’ Pai-Da, which means their fever lies deeper and it can only be scraped away gradually and it also means the body endotoxin is being reduced.

Some people will have Sha the first time they have Pai-Da and don’t have Sha afterwards and may have Sha again later, which means their body situation and mood are undergoing some changes.

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